40 years and counting


So the years go fast! faster as you get older I’m sure. Or is it that we just get busier?

Its my 40th year this year 2013 and in May, I celebrate 40 years of living! and living I certainly have!

I’ve decided I’d like to write about them, for maybe my kids or perhaps their kids or just anyone who cares to be interested. Its been colourful so far and I’m looking forward to more brightness in all my years to come 😉

I’m not sure how I’m going to to do this ,as I’m not a writer nor good at English or grammar ,I went to school to hang with my mates and ended up doing fatigues (picking up rubbish) in detention or the time out room (I’ve forgotten the name Hawera High School called it) rather then to learn!!

So maybe this is an autobiography of a not so famous person. But still someone who has made a difference to someone?

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Daughter,Mother,Wife, Boss,Sister, Niece,Cousin,and best friend that's me! Nature v's nurture..I have the experience. If you can't stomach poor spelling and bad grammar....WARNING..don't read, it'll give you angina!

2 thoughts on “40 years and counting”

  1. Hi gorgeous Lady, I’m a first time reader of your blog! I’m in Wellington and had a quiet moment with a coffee for a change to sit and have a look at your website. I think its wonderful and must be very cathartic for you to look back on. It really is the modern shared diary really. It is lovely to see so many photos of you so happy and so proud of your family. You are an inspiration to people Chanelle, you lead your life so well and enjoy every opportunity your journey gives you. I feel very proud to be called your friend. Keep on doing what you do. I love you. Always your friend xx Tara

    1. Mwaah your so lovely with your kind words Tara,I love memories,and recording the little things is neat to look back on when you forget the little details. sometimes I live in the past too much….but its what makes me, well at least thats what I reckon anyway;). I hope all is well in Wellington Kids all settled and Mike is doing ok? xxx

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