1 year down……


its been 1 year and 1 month since my online store opened for business. Its been a huge learning curve and I’m so thankful I managed to find and employ a great person to help me with it.Its been a huge year for both of us, Andy leaving for a few months to drive tractors in Aussie…leaving me to implement  what he had taught me, oh gaaawd all this technology is hard work for me (not a natural at all) but I do embrace it! He then got married honeymooned and still manages to photograph weddings in his spare time , when he’s not photo-shooting for the the online store, packaging orders, replying to our many questions on Facebook, twitter and blog, he’s busy trying to improve things for the online shoppers all the time…and its working cause we are getting some lovely feed back 🙂 its such a feel good thing to know we are making our customers happy. Its why I got into retail, to make people look good and feel great!

Our latest great bit of feedback:


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Daughter,Mother,Wife, Boss,Sister, Niece,Cousin,and best friend that's me! Nature v's nurture..I have the experience. If you can't stomach poor spelling and bad grammar....WARNING..don't read, it'll give you angina!

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