Most expensive blog ever!

Living the Dream

It’s a catchy saying ‘Living the dream’ and I guess that’s what we all try to do.

I was 7 years old and my eldest brother who was on his big OE (living his dream) at 22 was supposed to have left London for Canada, he never made it. He got hit and run over by a car on his way home after his last night of work ,due to fly out the next morning.

Because of this no one really missed him and so was a John Doe for a wee bit before he came out of his induced coma.

My Mum whisked me away with her, over to London within 48 hours…amazing what can be done when ya have to. Mum hadn’t had a passport since she was 20 and I had never even been on a plane.

We arrived in London, green as green, Mum as worried as she gets, still in a state of shock that her son, one of her babies, had been run over and been in hospital all this time by himself, paralysed and in traction.

We arrived straight to the hospital in Middlesex, a very old and decrepit place. Still having travelled half way round the world they made us wait till visiting hours to see John.


(charge nurse and nurses who helped look after my brother in 1981, having a celebratory fizzy for my birthday-it was really our 2nd home at the hospital-they knew us well)

We spent 4-5 weeks in London while he recuperated enough to be able to fly home. Days spent at the hospital and not much else. Although I did have a few highlights, I celebrated my 8th birthday in a men’s ward in London (not many can say that) we had balloons, a cake and they all sang happy birthday to me, even one of the band members from the Band Bad Company, was there to sing to me (he was in traction with a broken leg after falling chasing a taxi cab down) .

I got a Polaroid camera that day – I was the happiest girl in the world!


(my Brother (on the 6th of may 1981 my 8the birthday)out of traction and all most recuperated enough to be able to make the flight home to NZ)

We stayed in a bed sit B&B type accommodation as cheap as mum could find as my dear Brother wasn’t insured , mum and dad had to pay for everything even his health care.

There were 2 lovely ladies, in hindsight girls, they were proberly 18 -20) they were the cleaners etc. Sometimes they would offer to look after me so I didn’t need to go to the hospital. Debbie an Irish girl and Rosie a Jamaican girl. I got to meet Rosies family and spend a bit of time at her place. This is where I feel in love with all things Jamaican, food, Reggae, dance ( on the down beat haha). Although a little hazy in my memory now, I still feel good and it makes me smile whenever I think about her and her family.

mum010 (1)

(Rosie out the front of the B&B with my mum)

My brother, now a very successful journalist with a media business in Adelaide, eventually was fit enough to fly and come home for 18months of recovery…….the journey home is a whole other story!

Living the dream is what I’ve called this next adventure ……so we now know I have always wanted to visit Jamaica since about 8, I decided  years ago I was gunna do it by the time I was 40. Told everyone, whether they believed me or not I don’t’ know? It’s come around fast.

We leave on the 11th February, I’m ecstatic and get tears in my eyes every time I think about the thought of seeing where Bob Marley grew up and is laid to rest.

So along with the up and coming trip (of a life time – but I plan on many more) me turning 40, a fellow tweeters blog inspired me to start writing stuff down…..

Thinking about the trip of my dreams coming up, Jamaica albeit for only 1 day, I remembered how back in 2008 Phil and I had our first OE to the Northern hemisphere together. While a lot of our mates had left our small province to head off on their OE, we had stayed home, got married had babies and worked for the future, choosing to get ahead and enjoy the benefits later. Somewhere along the way we had worked to hard and kinda forgotten how to enjoy life and each other….it was suggested to us to take a trip.

Anyway…..Bebo (social network before Facebook) was about and I utilised that, by writing a type of travel journal/blog to everyone at home.

It was a very expensive exercise, as I didn’t know then (but certainly learnt the hard way), Telecom has massive data roaming charges when abroad!!!! In my ignorance, I happily wrote away regularly describing to everyone at home who cared to look, what was hot and what was not! My perspective.

To my amazement and Phils complete disgust, our telecom bill arrived about 3 days after we did and OMG! $2400+ !

As follows is properly one of the most expensive blogs ever written……although now I have re-read it and pasted it to my new site ,I am quietly chuffed I recorded all  I did, while I do remember it still vividly, some of the little things in the journal I had forgotten. Phil, after I made him read it, is too quite rapt I did it and concedes though it may have cost me a small fortune to write and entertain everyone at home with it, it was totally worth it now!

I hope you enjoy and can visualise as you read!

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