Bledisloe Cup 2008 4 nights in Hong Kong

4 nights in Hong Kong 


We’re baaaaack! A little heavier, a few bruises (well actually a big sucker on my head, x-ray tomorrow for my foot too LOL) and heaps of fantastic memories….

1st drink at Dunedin airport with Bart and Kirsten (surprisingly early, Barts a changed man!) met up with Putty and Annie at International with about 20 mins to spare before our flight boarded so a frantic dash through duty free to get the supplies and ran with all the other rugby supporters to our flight. An uneventful flight, although seeing 3 big bastards squashed into a row was a funny sight, the girls didn’t get much sleep, but they tell me I snore and was sooo comfy I had my arms and legs sprawled over both of them LOL (ha! I must be used to cramped conditions)


Got to HK and Mains arrived about 30mins after, enough time for us to get a MTR ticket (for their rail system) and some kai for our puku’s, airline food just doesn’t cut it!

Off to our hotel (thought it was gunna be a nightmare but we all managed not to get separated and found our way) The rail system is awesome, took us into Mongkok where we grabbed a couple of taxis to our 5 star accommodation-yeah!! Funny, ya had to be there, but these big boys and all Annie and Kirstens luggage trying to fit into the taxis was a hoot.

Pale, Lee and David (their mate) joined us in our nice but very cosy rooms for a few drinks, before they took us out on the town (Pale is a star –everywhere we went, everyone knew him) had a fantastic time, great times, think we got home at about 5am which is a good effort considering we had been shopping all day at the incredible markets etc. Had an awesome lunch and got treated like kings (I think they thought the big boys were famous) they had that problem all the time though!!! They really loved all the attention, soaked it up along with all the alcohol consumed! People were asking for photos with them all the time…Phil even brought a few papers after the big Halloween parade, he was so certain he’s made the front page bahaha.


Ask him now and he still says it was the most amazing experience, paparazzi everywhere!

Day 2

Second day was a little quieter; we had an awesome- fantastic buffet breakfast with a chocolate fountain included m m mmmmmm. Went over to the Island bumped into the Wallabies out and about, was lucky or cheeky enough to ask Lotti Tequiri (can’t spell sorry) for an obligatory picture with rugby fans, they were just walking around. We went down to the water for a long wet lunch, everyone back into drinking (except me…just lemonade for this chick, I couldn’t lift my head off the table by that stage..hung over) Phil and Putty made up for me, running the poor waiter off his feet with beer orders, ordering 2 at a time!

Still at this point us girls hadn’t bought anything, a-huh! Believe it Michelle LOL, there was to much to choose from even for Annie hahaha (don’t worry , when she finally did, she more than made up for the slow start).

By the time we had finished lunch , it was tea time lol, so we headed back to our hotel, left the boys at the bar drinking cocktails and we girls went to the Plaza had the longest escalator, Kirsten had her eyes closed the whole way up, almost crying if she wasn’t panic laughing so much, she was so scared, still no shopping purchased!

Had a meal at our hotel and meet the Campbell’s originally from Moa Flat ( near Tapanui) small world eh!

A few more drinks and an earliesh night…..dunno where Mains disappeared to tehhehehehe 😉

Day 3

Mmmm the old bodies were feeling it! We thought we better do some of the sights in HK. We went up the gondolas (another terrifying experience for Kirsten-entertainment for us though) to a village and an awesome Giant Buddha, had a look around, got my palm read, brought a few souvenirs and went on to Disney land to check it out.


Back at the Hotel where the boys ditched us (it was Halloween and the biggest party ever in HK central city) for 100s and 1000s of people and 1 big party. We girls did the night markets got home with our bags and proceeded to get drunk on our duty free, oh and boy did we get pissed! Before someone got it in their head to go in search for the boys ( it wasn’t me!) The boys were not fourth coming in telling us where they were because Bart had got lost-drama ha nah no drama compared to the next night after the game when I got lost amongst millions of people –drunk and saturated in beer!


The one we went for!

Started the day in our AB gear, off down to breaky only to notice that there was way more Aussies at our hotel then Kiwis! No worries they lost hahaha . 1st drink of the day 10am-top shelf oooooouh looking back gee we lasted well!.

Off we went to meet Pale, Lee and the folks, got a wee bit lost, actually ended up walking around in circles, always is so easy in hindsight..once you’ve found the blimmin place!

Us girls had a few cocktails even tried a bloody Mary  (Annie) Meet so many people, the place packed up fast-fantastic stuff, nothing like a whole lota supporters of the same team, together!.


Wandered on to the stadium for the Rugby. The atmosphere was amazing, spine chilling. We had really good seats 4 rows up and in front of the try line. The players were right there! We could see their blood and sweat and the Wallabies tears hahahaha.

During the game we heard via several txts messages from everyone at home that we were all on tv 3 or 4 times!!! Famous as! So not just the boys famous now!


I think (this is when it all gets a bit cloudy…….we hung around in our seats  a while after the game, no streaks sorry Trace, we tried to talk Phil in to it, but Annie and Kirsten decided it was a great idea to lift my top for a photo while I wasn’t looking!


Then onto the pubs, bumping into John Heart and Eric Rush and a few others…

Had the best ever time with the Tapanui lads, their mates and everyone else…unfortunately my dancing on tables party trick went a bit wrong and it ended a great day …not so good when you’re flying home the next day(hence why I’m off to the doctors this arvo-no more vodka for me!).

So as you can tell we had the best ever long weekend you could have, Hong Kong is a great place, huge but manageable. The people are lovely, great shopping, some of the smells are a bit to be desired, horrendous actually, ask Annie, she dry wretched several times, and some of the food in the stalls eeeeuueww. OSH would have a field day over there lol, bamboo scaffolding up sky scrappers, open drains and sewage.

Will we go back? Hell yeah! If Pale will let us! Hahahaha

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