Instinct, Intuition ……one in the same or not?

Instinct! We all have it, but weather we choose to use it or not is up to us, not using it could be seen as ignorance…….which is bliss sometimes.

Intuition is almost one in the same ….It’s what we use when we meet people? Our 1st impression of them is more about our instinct or an intuitive feeling rather than a conscious reasoning….

We do it all the time without realising it.

This previous weekend just gone, my instinct came in very handy and it made me realise what a special gift it is to have.

We had spent a gorgeous day at our local lake, usually we share it with several other groups of people, but this day we had it all to ourselves, made it even better!


Mckezie Beach at Lake Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand

Summer 2013 009

We all had fun on the kayaks, Jet ski, biscuting and knee boarding….then while we were lying in the sun, the 2 oldest kids thought they’d go back on the jet ski  with a rod, to a place they’d seen fish. It was just out of sight and not to, too far away.

Summer 2013 125

(this could have been the last photo of the 2 eldest….if things had gone real wrong)

This is when Intuition or instinct came in….. it wasn’t that long since they were gone..15mins maybe, which to catch a fish is reasonable. But something inside me, just made me need to check on them.

So out we kayaked the 10-15mins to where they should have been, as I turned the corner they weren’t there, instinctively, over drive set in and I don’t know where it came from but I started paddling faster than I ever thought I could….. Around another bend to hear my daughter yelling and howling at the top of her lungs, hyperventilating as she was crying and holding on to a flax bush growing out of the side of the steep landscape, half submerged in the water . I’ve never seen her so upset and worked up. She was yelling for help, hoping someone would here.

Her and her brother on the jet ski, had flipped it, (we still haven’t quite got the full story – but who cares, they’re alive). It hadn’t rolled back up how it usually does and had started to take on water. They managed to flip it back but it had taken water on in the engine so wasn’t going anywhere and not as buoyant as it should be, they managed to get it to the side of the lake where my son had enough sense to climb the steep face to try and walk around to get us, knowing we weren’t gunna hear them yelling for help.

As we came across Miss 17, my blood running cold at not seeing Mr15……I was scared too, at that very moment.. They both had life jackets on though. Once Miss 17 calmed down enough to tell us what happened I could breathe again.

Now the next bit, I don’t know how to characterise it but I got angry, and told the poor kid off, telling her she’d been getting to cocky and sh*t like that happens when ya get like that blah, blah blah,rant ,rant, rant with a few other choice words in between!

Why though? Was it a reaction to my shock and worry and horror of the thought of my kids being another summer water statistic?? Instinctively did I want to scare her more so she never does this again??

I rowed back to shore, leaving miss 17 and her Dad calming her down, trying to be a bear Grylls and make shift something to siphon out the water . A boat in the distance didn’t’ see my fruitless waves in the air trying to get their attention as they speed past the inlet we were stuck in.

On my way I was happy to look up on the hill above and see Mr 15 running along the top back toward the beach… was a sigh of relief for him too no doubt.

I got back to the lifeless jetski with the rope from the biscut. Miss 17 had managed to stand on some flat rocks in the water shallow, I grabbed her, hugged her long and hard and told her I’m pleased she’s ok, and apologised for telling her off. Between us all we tried to get as much water out of the engine capsule so we could tow it back with the kayaks.

Still not a soul around to help, I’m not exaggerating when I say usually there’s heaps of boats and other jetskis around ( you can see what a lovely spot it is)

We started back to the beach. Phil towing the jetski with Miss 17 on it and me trying my hardest to push it in the right direction from behind and side…the wind was starting to get up, when a boat came past. Stopped when they must have seen my waves of desperation, looked for a bit and then came over slowly for a closer look… were we happy!! Particularly Phil, as you can imagine.

Crisis averted, the lovely young couple took Miss 17 on board and towed the jet ski back to shore for us.

Intuition, Instinct, whatever you want to call it is a gift and I think everyone should go with it! 

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