3 Teens In The House

2013-02-02 08.03.28

(Zane this morning straight outa bed to open some presents)

My baby has turned 13!  He arrived 2.2.2000

I remember having babies and some days just wishing they’d grow up. Always in a hurry for their next milestones.

Well it’s happened and all to fast!

Oh how easy, looking back now,it is when they’re young.  They love you unconditionally,listen intently and apart from saving them from a hot fire place, a few trips to and overnighters to hospitals, and a couple of broken bones,its been a breeze.

25123_1306163452864_1702807_n - Copy

Now the hard part! Teen years.

This is where a kid can get made or be broken. It’s dependant on their teachers, family, surrounds and their belief in themselves. And as a parent of course making sure if they get into mischief, you know about it,but they don’t necessarily need to know you know.  I’m a firm believer you need to try some things to learn (note the some not all) from your mistakes. As they did as toddlers, exploring and learning as they go.

So now I have Miss 17,Mr 15 and  Mr 12 who has become Mr 13………..

My job as a parent is to guide them,help them adjust,experiment life and make them realise their dreams are worth going after.

Closing my eyes and making a birthday wish………….

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