50 shades of grey and more…….

My closet? Really? A blog about my closet, it was suggested by a fellow tweeter that a few of us participate. Never one to turn down an invitation, I wondered where to begin?

Being in the rag trade, my wardrobe is as you would expect.

Full to overflowing, even after my regular clean outs there still doesn’t seem to be any more room! My Friends are the benefactors.

I have rules!

If I buy a pair of shoes I need to get rid of a pair. I also buy the majority of my clothes from my store.

2013-01-19 14.53.35

Its very rarely that you will ever catch me wearing something purchased elsewhere. Nothing worse then when someone admires what you are wearing and then proceeds to ask where you got it from, and I can’t reply Carvin Streetwear!

I’m my stores best customer or so you would think but I’m actually 4th on the list! Yes, I pay for my clothes (another rule I have) it makes sense to me, because if I wasn’t buying them there I’d be buying them somewhere, it is also a deterrent to me, stops being to over indulgent and makes me think, do I need it for a split second haha. So as you peer at the photos of my wardrobe I can pretty much guarantee 85-90% of my wardrobes contents are from Carvin Streetwear including shoes and accessories.



My clothes are in colour and style order. Jackets and Cardis on the bottom, dresses, shirts and tunics on top. Long Jackets and long dresses (maxi and cocktail) are together on another rack.

Uniform black plastic hangers,that used to be wooden but they were replaced so I could fit more in. The wooden ones now only reside in my husbands wardrobe. Yes we have his and hers wardrobes…he has as many clothes as me!

2013-02-03 18.27.56

My jeans and pants are folded, along with jumpers.I fold tee’s and tops, shorts and sports wear all into their own cubbyholes.

My drawers contain socks,hankerchifs and underwear all matching.

My numerous swimwear and sarongs also have their own cubbyhole.

What does that make me? Organised or OTT (Over the top)

Some things just never date or you love so much ya just can’t biff…….

My fav piece of clothing would have to be my faded light blue denim jacket, it goes well with most things and can make an outfit that is to flash for an occasion, a more casual and comfortable outfit. I’m a casual kinda girl, with my style in a tidy way.

My most admired and oldest piece in my wardrobe is a vintage camel haired jacket. Nz made way back when, with genuine  camel hair made in England. ( I think its about 60-70 years old)

2013-02-06 09.35.17

I inherited from an Aunty Paul (she’s 90 now) when we shifted south, she gave it to and said “here dear, wear this when your in the shed,it’ll keep you warm” .

I wouldn’t have dreamed of ever wearing it in the cowshed, I fell in love with it as soon as she pulled it out. My colour!  The perfect cut and length. They don’t’ make coats like this any more.


Fifty shades of grey….and black….and brown….and blue, but my favourite colour this season has been orange!

2013-02-06 12.29.43

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Daughter,Mother,Wife, Boss,Sister, Niece,Cousin,and best friend that's me! Nature v's nurture..I have the experience. If you can't stomach poor spelling and bad grammar....WARNING..don't read, it'll give you angina!

6 thoughts on “50 shades of grey and more…….”

  1. Great blog Chanelle. I love how diverse your wardrobe looks. Something, possibly several things, for every occasion!

    I love that you ‘shop’ at your own store too.

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