Auckland to LA

11 th Feb 2013

First leg of the trip……Dunedin to Chch..Champainge breakfast, how could we not? Bubbles all round and a few beers for the boys as well!

We boarded with a glow.

Kirsten stating “now no one is to sleep on this flight or it will buggar up our time clocks”

10mins in, even before service I look around and all 3 of my comrades’ are asleep!! LOL

A few more minutes in to the flight and Bart and Kirsten finish resting their eyes (so they say)..Phil on the other hand and true to form is fast asleep in deep slumber…drooling he is so relaxed. We  managed o get a few great pix.

Chch stop off, enough time for a few giggles and we manage to loose Bart, find again and then a quick drink before boarding aagain to Auckland.

Bart has carry on luggage, containing only 1 pair of socks and lot of underwear! He’s wearing jandals we are going to a dessert in the winter…..socks and Jandals lol …… Bart packed his own bags .

While on the plane ( Chch to Aklnd), I read an article, Parisian tips and weight formula.

(refer to my 2008 blog regarding my observation of the French and food) “the French eat and don’t get fat!

I did the formula and am pleasantly surprised, I’ m 3 kgs under at this stage of the trip! It’ll be interesting at the end! eeeeecck!

The formula if you are interests is

A>    How much did you weigh at 18 years old without dieting?

B>    How much di you weigh at your heaviest excluding pregnancy weight?

C>    How much did you weigh at your lightest after the age of 18, with or without dieting?

D>    What is your current weight?

E>     Add together your answers A and B and then divide by 2. The result is Y

F>     Add together your answers to question C and D and divide by2 , the result is Z

G>   Add Y and Z and then divide by 2

This is your ideal weight!

living the dream 005

Auckland and we meet up with Annie and Putty who have up sized their order, splashed out the bargain price to get a bed on the flight……. I’m not the only one looking for luxury!

2013-02-11 17.41.35

We have a few beverages watch the Aussie touch team do some crazy wrestling in the middle of the International departures and discuss all the 7 million things people have told us we all must do while in Vegas!!! If we even attempt it we would need 6 months there!! The plan at this stage is the Grand canyon and then we will just go with whatever….sounds good!!

living the dream 002

I board the flight and wave bye to the crew, as they give me shit ….I love it!! Haha

Seated by myself, but next to an American who has been visiting our beautiful country for the past 2 months. And another American who asked if he could take a photo of me as he saw me painfully trying to take a selfie hahaha …see  my pic compared to his .lol


More bubbles before take off…the crew walk past me and the American notices I must know them, either that or maybe he thinks I might be famous as they take photos going past haha.

Phil walks past and I hand him my goodie bag…socks, ear pluds, sleeping mask tooth brush n paste, lip balm etc all part of the amazing treatment in Premium Economy.

The leg room is amazing and I really do hop Phil has claimed what would have been my seat.

Warm damp face cloths are haandr out to refresh us.

We take off, dinner is served….. a delicious  menu of salmon, sour doe and olive oil to dip, then I chose Lamb, followed by dessert and the cheese and cracker…along with many more bubbles.

living the dream 010

I get up and stretch in between meals and wander down to the other (cattle class we had it suggested to us from our checkin) and there… the middle row is phil……what would have been me, Kirsten and Bart……like sardines…..poor Phil cant even get his table down on his knees. Why oh why he wouldn’t want an up grade is beyond me.. they are in good spirits and Annie and Putty are parked up with they’re extra seat ready to turn into a bed….. a bit of spooning and no doubt something else…..hahaha

So now its time to sleep the lights have been dimmed in the cabin… movies are being watched , people have already put thier eye shades on and sleeping…Next stop LA

Foot note# 2 hours out from LAX

When I popped down to see the others, Putty had taken over their bargin bed..poor Annie and been pushed out to another seat. Kirsten didn’t know if she’d slept or not. Phil hadn’t had much, Bart just always has a smile J

Had the best service on board NZ 6, the flight wasn’t full and the lovely steward invited me to my own set of seats and made it up like a bed for me….I said ‘’ ooouh special attention”” he replied of course! Because its you!

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