LA to Las Vegas

LA to Vegas

living the dream 001

Quick as flight (40mins) 2 toilet stops later for the boys , we had utilised our stop over in LAX by visiting the bars, a pub crawl around the airport! No sooner were we up, we were down again.

living the dream 002

The poor flight attendant couldn’t understand me. Classic! Story of my life in USA!

He said’hold up!slow it up and start again”

Americans really do have trouble understanding our kiwi accents. Mine in particular! Maybe my combination, of North and south island? haha


Hellooooooo Las Vegas –

living the dream 025

The landscape between LA and Vegas reminds me of Central Otago, baron with snow-capped mountains.

living the dream 018

Its fresh, the boys nipples have never been so hard. They look slightly a miss in their shorts and jandals, although Phil is looking sharp in his black jeans and shoes.

We girls managed our 1st purchase apart from alcohol this trip (so far). Bart spotted the Pandora store in the airport. This is the one thing we all wanted and can only get in Vegas. A gold and diamond encrusted dice by Pandora for our charm bracelets. We tick that of the list before we’ve even really started!

That done and we head off in the direction of baggage claim, we walked and walked and then took a train, we were starting to wonder WTH we were going?

We pick up our bags, we had taken to long getting there, our bags had been taken off the carousel.

2 taxis Me Bart and Kirsten, Annie, Putty and Phil in the other and head into Sin city. Bart tried hoping in the drivers for a start , forgetting they are left hand drives (funny at the time) he then spent the next  10 mins in New York New York shitting himself lol , we had the worst taxi driver ever ,we still paid a tip, Bart said thanks, the driver replied Thanks don’t pay the bills, remember that!” . And so we haven’t , the worst thing about US is the tipping system…….Its a painful thing, never quite knowing when or when not to? Or how much is too much or not enough?

Swifty and Michelle were waiting to welcome us and soon after Mains (still in 7s mode from hanging out with the Irish)

living the dream 033


A few rounds of drinks at the bar and us all in awe of the Hotel we are staying in. really at this stage , we don’t need to leave, there is so much happening here!!

The outside looks like the New York Shyline and its surrounded with a huge Rollercoaster. Inside its built to look like parts of New York city. There are slot machines everywhere, and restaurants, shows and bars and OMG everything else ya can think of!!

living the dream 058


The boys attracted some crazy pimp daddy dude! We girls decide now its best to leave and get the boys away before he tempts them with something we don’t need.


Off we go….outside to “The Strip”

“wow” its night time by this stage and although its been one long day after leaving the day before, we get a new lease of energy albeit a short one.

The lights are overwhelming and we’re like Asian tourists with over use of our cameras all oooouhing and aaaarghing. Michelle and Swifty point different things out along the way in excitement as its their 2nd trip to Vegas and no all the good spots ( later found out its Mains 3 rd trip, but he just cruised with us and said even though he’s been before , with us it was different experience again)

We head up the strip a bit to Bubba Gumps-Yes!

“Shrimp” a restaurant full of Forrest Gump quotes and Memorabilia oh and did I mention shrimp? Every which way you can imagine having it, its on the menu.

living the dream 058

A few cocktails later lots of Shrimp and a shell cracker (courtesy of Putty –five finger disc-tutt tutt) we have a prize for the end of tour.

Lets see who deserves to win it by the end!

By this stage our pukus are full from so much booze and food.

Our eyes are all starting to close, close to 24 hours since leaving now, the bodies are letting us know. We head back to our hotel, deciding it would be rude not to have a nightcap. Coyote Ugly, yes, like the movie and yes not unlike the movie, there’s woman dancing on bars and doing shots straight from the bottle.

I haven’t got up on a bar since the eventful HongKong night. But it had to be done albeit a quicky dance and a shot….peer pressured by Annie and Kirsten!!

living the dream 082

A quick punt on the slots for the girls and Black Jack for the boys and we head to bed

Its been an awesome start to the holiday. Early start tomorrow, 6 am pick up for the Grand Cayon tour!

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One thought on “LA to Las Vegas”

  1. Wow Bart is becoming very well-travelled if he can find the shops before you ladies! Looks like an amazing experience so far, pleased you have found some time to update your blog, keep it coming!

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