Samsung GALAXY S4

Samsung GALAXY S4.

I really need to write this down…..

Its amazing the emotions, that going after something brings.

It all started about 8 weeks ago when my beloved companion (Samsung Galaxy 2 ) started shitting itself at the most inconvenient times. I took it in to get fixed but the symptoms weren’t familiar to the agents. So I decided not to pay the $ to get it looked at and possibly not fixed, rather wait it out for the new Samsung Galaxy 4. Instead carrying around a charger with me at all times ( nuts I know) .

So my fascination began with the new phone, seeing a clip of the release of it to media, viral on FB  (I shared that and got a bit of attention as I don’t usually share products/games on FB- more known for my 6 million photos)and then a fellow tweeter teased me with how wonderful it is. He has (proberly one of the very few in NZ) been trialling it. He was also ‘THE ONE” who introduced me to this competetion :D.

So my fascination almost has become a passion….almost! But I am sooo excited to be getting one! Either way!

It goes on sale this weekend and I’m UBER excited to say the least, Turned down a ticket to a sell out concert (Aerosmith ) so I can get my Samsung Galaxy 4….that is if I haven’t worked hard enough sharing the word about it to every person and them inturn sharing it as well, via social media.

It’s a fantastic promo Samsung have created to launch this new phone!

#getinline  you join the virtual line and are ranked, I’ve been as close as 26 out to 360 , today I sit at 196.

I realise I might piss a few off and loose a few followers and fb friends (acquaintances ) along the way, but now I’ve started I can’t stop! Can I?

My husband says shut up and just buy it, but I’m enjoying the social media use and learning many things as I go. One being that my friends roll their eyes at the thought of me winning something……I really don’t need to win anything in their eyes.

Though all my life I have been a giver and a generous one ( if you’ve been on the receiving end you will know that) so maybe, just maybe its Karma paying me back by giving me some neat things?

HA I will look back on this and proberly roll my eyes too, but at least I’m doing it and not just talking about it.

“giving it a go”  “if ya not in, ya can’t win” blah, blah, blah 😉