TOP SHOP awards an accolade after 10 years in business August/October 2014

I am now in my 10th year in Retail. Since forming Carvin Ltd and starting from scratch, researching the Market, population and the brands I wanted to get in my new store. Carvin Streetwear opened the doors September 29th 2005 (my husbands birthday which as the time was to piss him off because he was not happy about it at all, wanted me to stay working on the farm along side him and wanted not a thing to do with it) . Anyway alot of water has washed under the bridge since then (tidal waves sometimes) 10 years later and alot learnt about retail, Carvin Streetwear a individually owned store from Gore was judged a top 3 finalist in the Southland and Otago region for The Fashion Footwear category, we were beaten by Barkers of Dunedin and Zierra Footwear of Dunedin (both which are national brands). We were also a top 3 Finalist in the Peoples Choice which was over all sections of the Awards and WON!!! Not only was it an awesome accolade and achievement , but I am so proud of my staff for their achievements also. One of the things I set out to do from the very beginning was to maintain constant good customer service and to always help the customer not just serve them. Making customers look good and feel great was my original Motto and it is still on the front of every bodies Job description.
I am also very proud of Jess my now Manager she has not only won the Regional (as did Sheree Freer my store Manager prior to Jess starting 2.5 years ago) for the Service IQ Professional of the year(through doing a retail apprenticeship) but she came very close to taking out the National title as well!

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