Who knew I’d sound so good?

An article I featured in from The Otago Daily News Saturday Editon,  has people talking, it’s like noone realised I did what I do.  Or is it because it’s in the news, it’s real? Either way,  I was chuffed and hope all my parents love getting their copy in the mail in the next few days.


The reporter was amazing,  she must have recorded every word, as she quoted me throughly over the phone on Tuesday. 


The photo I emailed through to her wasn’t quite what she wanted to go with the story she told me when she called on Wednesday,  she was sending a photographer from Dunedin to capture me,  with painted fingernails and fur as I’d described to her when she’d called to interview me.  I was about to get changed (after work in my store)into my farm clothes,just as she phoned. 


The photographer arrived at 8.30 on the dot, Thursday morning happy to see my nails done,  allowed me to wear my gumboots but wondered if I had a better jacket to wear.. I proceeded to try on 3 others until he thought the perfect one.  Off we went to the calf sheds..  No hungry calves, rather subdued, sleepy and not interested in us.  (feed an hour earlier so I was ready for work).
I had to sit quietly in my stockings, dress, fur and gumboots.  While Stephen the photographer lay on the ground finding the perfect light and different angles of me and the calves.


Ultimately capturing some amazing pictures, I love!  What a great experience,  a journalist who made me sound great and a photographer who managed to make me look glamorous in gumboots. 




Stephen went beyond the call of duty,  found his front covered in calve poo when he stood up.  I true master,  the things you do to get the perfect shot!


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Daughter,Mother,Wife, Boss,Sister, Niece,Cousin,and best friend that's me! Nature v's nurture..I have the experience. If you can't stomach poor spelling and bad grammar....WARNING..don't read, it'll give you angina!

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