I had a ‘ dilemma‘, weather to go or not…. It wasn’t getting too ‘ hot in here‘ but ‘I’m leaving my place‘….. In my’ air force ones ‘. 

Come ‘ Ride wit me‘ in my ‘hey Porshe‘, I’m off to ‘shake my Tailfeather‘  as ‘N Dey Say‘ in Auckland . 

Off to find the ‘Party People‘  with their ‘Grillz‘ …….. Is this ‘just a dream‘? ‘ Over and over‘again? 

Will my ‘Country Grammer‘, ‘flap your wings‘? 

Nobody knows‘?   Is one of my favs ❤️

Thanks Talia for taking me,  he might be one of my favorites, I know he’s not yours, I appreciate what you’re  doing for your mum 😘