Port Douglas, we made it! …. A quick much needed break away 

After a full on 12 months, things were getting tremendous in our world. An executive decision was made about 10days ago to get away. 

I was already going to be on Annual leave in Auckland for the inaugural ‘Woman in Leadership Symposium’  (deserving of a whole nother blog). 

My personal Auckland driver (Talia – daughter) delivered me to the airport, where Phil-husband from Dunedin, met me. 

The destination we’d decided to head to had a few requirements. 

It needed to be Air NZ friendly so we could use our overflowing air points. Needed to be within a 4 hour time zone change (have no time for that adjustment shit) and I wanted all the bells and whistles, because quite frankly I’m getting high maintenance in my middle aged years, and dam it, I deserve it! 

 Port Douglas it was! 

The quick trip across the Tasman isn’t as quick as you would ASSUME (You know one of my favorite sayings is’don’t assume, CONFIRM!). It took 15 hours from Auckland, who knew? Not me, hadn’t even had time to look when I booked. 

I was grateful to be heading away, in a time when I need ‘time out from life’. 

Business class Air NZ, yes! 

Champagne on arrival while the herds of people are shuffled to the cheap seats (not really so cheap but less expensive then the one I was sitting in). Recliner chair even Phil (6foot6) can lie in, movies galore as the food keeps coming with the champagne topped up. Heavenly start to what I hope will be a trip of renewing goals, unclenching my jaw (stress) and some executive decisions made.

Sydney for way to long…. 

Next flight Virgin Australia, to my disappointment and Phils too (who claims business class is a waste of money), we were put in the 1st 2 rows, the equivalent to business class. No champagne, just water. We were offered beer or rum later…. Beer! The rum was Bundy- Aussie love the stuff iiick! 

Food was delicious, but the flight was freezing, had a loud English chap that thought the sound of his own voice was what we all wanted to hear, 2 screaming kids, and a very attentive flight attendent. Kids should not be allowed in business class-just saying. 

We arrived! Hello Cairns. To a balmy damp twilight feel. Bags got, 4×4 hired and off we set to Port Douglas. Only one wrong turn, twice haha. A 7am start NZT arriving at our Resort at 10.12pm NZT. 

So we’re here, a good sleep and now  4.15am local time,blogging because I’m awake and not used to doing anything….. I hope by the end I’ll be relaxed and able to enjoy doing nothing….  the beginning of a holiday. I’m looking forward to exploring and hanging out with Phil. It’s been to long.