A glimpse at my SME Presentation at kiwi.forum 2016

If am the owner of Carvin Streetwear. After 12 years in the retail trade I have the battle scars and awards to prove it. This slideshow is a glimpse of my perspective, the things I shared at RetailNZ shop.kiwi conference (Tuesday February 2016) and my acknowledgment of the importance of Staff, Service and Rural Retail

It’s been a while since my last post!

With the “10 year” photo challenge going around social media at the moment,it brought back memories of my blogging on Bebo, before I signed up to Facebook and got hooked!

Tonight I dug out my old Bebo blogs (had printed them out -old school I know) if I get a chance over the next wee while I’ll re write them up here….. spelling

Last profile pic I had on Bebo before it became defunct

and grammar mistakes included for authenticity!

I hope you have missed my yarns,poor grammar and spelling/typos.