Sin City…..ticked off the Bucket List & Grand Canyon Too!

One of the Seven Wonders of the World………done!

Hope the weathers still good at home? It’s very chilly and dry here in Nevada. Lets hope it gets warmer!!

Grrr the Americans are still finding me very hard to understand, it’s doing my head in a little now, but I’m recognising mid-sentence the look the comes over their faces as if they can’t understand a word and I no to stop and slow it down.

Some of the notable differences for me have been, smoking allowed in bars, Plastic glasses, tin beer bottles instead of cans , though fizzy still comes in cans. Everyone walks the street carrying their alcohol, easily walking form one bar to the next. No alcohol bans here!! Lol Everybody wants a tip! And not the sharpen ya blades for a good cut, kinda one…a $$$$ one!

Early start 5am after a long day yesterday, it’s like getting up for work! We meet down stairs in the lobby with the others for a pickup in a stretch limo.

Its very chilly, but clear, not a cloud in the sky –perfect for flying and not unlike the Central Otago brisk clear mornings.

The sun is rising; it’s a great time of the day.

living the dream 118

We weigh in and are too heavy to combined to all go in the same helicopter……they are all blaming my handbag hahaha.

We have a safety briefing  and are introduced to our pilot “Tony” who tuned out to be a character and a half, just full of knowledge while cracking funnies all along the way and took the piss out of me and Annie constantly haha.

We sat up the front with him; I think he preferred us sitting next to him then Phil and Putty 😉

living the dream 180

I had a blonde moment, and spoke in to the CB backwards; Annie had hers when she questioned Tony about the hoover dam and lake. She asked what they did with all the dirt they dug out to make the lake. LOL Tony was quick to reply they used it to make a north island and a south island and decided to call it New Zealand! We all pissed ourselves laughing. Not so much at Annies expense but the way he answered.

We landed, after a fly over the Hoover Dam and up the Grand Canyon. The terrain is amazing, very sparse and all rock, nothing much grows but the few plants that do have adapted. Rainfall is only 4-10 mls per year, but when it rains there is nowhere for the water to go because it’s so dry it doesn’t absorb, so it leaves dry river bed looking pat\terns all over the canyon.

living the dream 171

We took 100s of photos, sat for a lovely champagne breakfast on a cliff in the Grand Canyon, before flying back to Vegas a different way and taking in more stunning views. A very unique view was seeing all 3 states at once, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

The dam is at its lowest (see pic) its ever been. It doesn’t look that much but if you think about the size of the dammed lake, it’s actually a huge amount, with little rainfall, warmer seasons and more population……makes ya wonder how long their supplies will be there for future generations?

living the dream 195

living the dream 158

living the dream 163

We arrived back into Sin City , the day was just beginning!

Meet up with Swiftys and Mains and we started on our explority adventure, of course these don’t last long before the boys find bar ha-ha.

We walked the pavement of the famous ‘strip’, it looks a lot different place in daylight, weather still fresh. We went in and out of all the casinos, everyone with a different theme to entice you into spending all your money with them.

Our hotel has a rollercoaster with a NY yellow taxi as the carts outside the whole casino-it’s huge! The New York skyline is the view from the strip. Truly amazing! Inside it’s a mass of different towers-each containing accommodation along with different bars, restaurants and shops all with a New York theme and feel about them, including the floor!

2013-02-12 16.57.35

(the veiw out our bedroom window)

We saw the fabulous water fountain show at the Bellagio, the famous Caesars Palace, all so much to see a little over whelming and lots of walking. The Venetian my fav (I’d have to say) for Lunch- expecting of course an Italian eatery, instead we sat by the canal (a water feature runs throughout the hotel with singing Italian men serenading couples on their gondolas).The restaurant was Mexican! Not Italian?

Putty ordering us all margaritas and then we ordered the meal, it was amazing, like everything else we had so far experienced. Best Guacamole I’ve ever had, hot and tasty!

More margaritas and a few different beers, we were all getting our glow, feeling full!


We decided to keep moving, walking through the Venetian, experiencing the Italian feel.

Us girls purchase handmade masks (fingers crossed they make the trip home unbroken),the boys purchased cigars from a proper cigar den. Then while we were booking a trip for the gondola, Phil surprised me with the biggest strawberry I’ve ever seen and chocolate dipped  ooouh!So sweet , he and the strawberry too LOL proberly the most expensive strawberry I’ve ever eaten!

living the dream 084

The girls decide a bit of shopping is in order; Annie has been itching to get a shopping bag in her hand. They have lists of orders from the kids. I’m not a shopper, but hanging with the guys ain’t that appealing either. We head out to the outlet stores in South Vegas.

I found a Chinese massage and then I planted myself there, having the most amazing foot and neck massage. While the girls shopped up a storm. Michelle buying another suitcase and filling it!!!

2013-02-12 14.54.15

I must say I brought some cosmetics, Elizabeth Arden (I use) were a quarter of the price then at home! Sooo cheap.

Girls still shopping I found myself sitting at a wig/extension stand. The sales assistance helping me fill in time while I wait for the girls. One blonde wig later and attached, I left with long blonde curls …1 out of the 3 girls noticed immediately (took a few minutes for the other 2).

Shopping done, off to drop the bags off at the hotel and then find the boys… Hooters

They’d been there a while, surprisingly not looking to bad considering the jaegers they had consumed (see receipt)

living the dream 023

Time to move….we traipse off into the city that never sleeps to the MGM-the biggest of all the casinos I would say. We managed to walk in a complete circle easily done hahaha…… saw this guy (see pis)

the size of a table literally!!! See 2 chairs next to him? I actually am surprised we haven’t seen more big people, the way food flows over here and everything is supersize before asking it to be up sized!!!

living the dream 041

I have to say these boys are the most touchy feely bunch lol, always punching, hitting and tripping, ankle tapping ,they must miss each other (Swifty did a geat action move, when Phil ankle tapped him in the middle of the casino, he did a drop , roll and up in a split second to the delight of everyone in the area that was watching).

Found our way outa of the MGM finally, At this stage, late and drunk , all still in our clothes since sun up this morning, we were all in 2 minds what to do? Tired, but its Vegas!

We decide a show is in order!

Unfortunately it seems all the greats are on their week off this week.

*Advice good idea before you book your trip to Vegas, check out who’s performing in town)

Celine is in China for the Chinese New Year, Rod Stewart finished on the 9/2/13, Shania is on holiday and Pink starts here world tour here in Vegas tomorrow (15th) When the others fly out to Fort Lauderdale. Gutted, all acts I would have like to seen, but there are still 100s of shows to choose from though.

We decide on Zumanity a Cirque Du soliel show

living the dream 082

Very sexy, raunchy, with hot topless bodies and a bit of comedy thrown in as well. It was great! Although Phil did sleep  through it haha (true to form).

A great show with some extraordinary acts, woman swimming-diving into a large cocktail glass. Lots of High ribbon dancing (think PINK) and acrobatics also added to the humour was the audience involvement too, but we had to wonder if that wasn’t staged too???

One of the characters did come up behind us while Phil was zzz-ing and placed his arm so it was around my shoulder… woke him for a bit lol. It finished with a fantastic finale with 1000000000s of red rose petals falling from the entire theatre ceiling all over us (I’m still finding the petals in my hand bag now), it was kinda magical.

Show done and everyone horny, we head to bed —-in our respective rooms! Sleep and ready for another day.

Michelle and I booked on the Gondola, so we dragged Swifty and Phil along and Mains as the Paparazzi for us (chief photographer on this excursion)

A short ride but totally worth it.

We were the 1st of the day so we were privileged to be sung to by all 8 of the Gondolier, before being ushered into our waiting Gondola and then our ride with good humour, jokes and serenading (not by the boys but our Gondolier) as Mains ran alongside taking photos lol.

living the dream 096

Valentine’s day in NZ but still the 13th in USA, he told us the story of Saint Valentine.

He was Italian and accused of a very bad crime, was incarcerated and was to be killed. He loved his wife so much, he wrote to her daily. What he didn’t know was that authorities were intercepting his mail and reading his letters. With that they worked out that he in fact was innocent, he became famous a ‘The Romantic’ and so became St Valentine’s Day in his remembrance.

An enjoyable experience and neat to share with good friends….even if Mains was on the outside of the boat lol.

living the dream 109

We caught up with Chris and Anne, M and swifty left us to go on a hunt for their 20th wedding anniversary pressie to themselves…..platinum watches.

We all went to Madame Tussards a fav of mine.

living the dream 151

A bit of a giggle posing with life size and life like celebrities and taking pics.

We went in to Area 51 a sideshow at Tussards.

Mains lead the way, we had to all place our hands on the person in fronts shoulders. Very scary but fun at the same time. Annie and I literally wet our pants and both agreed lucky Kirsten went shopping instead! We were in hysterics laughing but scared at the same time! Putty wanted to hit someone …ha-ha he was at the back so got the brunt of it.

living the dream 009

The experience was a live act, with us walking through several dark and poorly lit areas with real monsters, creeps and freaks ( out of work actors proberly) coming out and frightening the bejesus out of us!!

Still on an adrenalin high after that we went to find all the shoppers at the shopping mall, more shopping!!!, Though this time I did find a dress, or the dress found me I should say. A designer hand made number….oooozing Vegas, I had to have it…(See pic of us all off to Old Vegas)it was on SALE and half price! I had to have it!

The boys took off to do what they came for….well one of the things, To the Gun club, these boys were like kids in a candy store shooting ooziies,9mm pistols ,Glook 9mm and a saw!


The day was getting away on us, I was starting to feel the effects of not enough sleep, so much fun and too much booze…..I decided I needed a snooze instead of shopping I also needed to pack for LA.

Boys back at the casino; Phil gets his winning streak on playing Black Jack-wins $700 before tea. We all get dressed and ready….my last night in Vegas!

We are going to Old Vegas a part of Vegas off the Strip about 20 mins drive, less expensive and more authentic with a lot of locals.

We all dressed to kill, grabbed a limo and headed to Old Sin City… the looks a lot more Sin goes on there then the strip these days 😉

living the dream 162

We’re all buzzing-marvelling at what we’ve already fitted in Amazing!!

Old Vegas was rocking, it’s kind of how I thought the whole of Vegas would be.

Music, dancing in the street, lights everywhere, eccentric people, weirdoes and all sorts. It’s fair to say we were slightly over dressed.

The locals tend to go to Old Vegas because it’s cheaper. Not all of it but most.

We went to a fabulous (and expensive) steak house. Gold Nugget, it wasn’t just any old steak house! No-siree! Steaks to order, Crab, lobster all paid for by the kilo and they weren’t cheap!

But the meal was amazing, the thing over here appetisers (we call entrees) are big! Entrees (we call mains) are massive! Everything is super-size!!!

Bart and Putty decide on the Alaskan crab, Putty let me have a try. My best description would be not so much seafood taste, but a lush silky taste, it’s like a chicken/turkey flesh but not taste.

living the dream 203

They served it with sweet corn and macaroni cheese if you please!

The bubbles were flowing and Phil was still winning!

Every time he would go for a smoke he’d put a bit on the table, he couldn’t lose!!!

The bubbles still flowing, we had a fabulous meal with extraordinary service……..

Dinner done! We went into the fanfare of Old Vegas, they have covered it and have an amazing light show on the ceiling. The music is pumping, people are everywhere and everyone is fizzing. Such a great atmosphere.

living the dream 186

living the dream 232

After dancing up a storm, Michelle almost tripping over Annie in her OMG  Vegas purchase shoes (see pic below) and the 3 of us almost wetting our pants again in fits of laughter, we thought it a good idea to head back- I had an flight to catch…

living the dream 249

Dilemma, our earlier limo driver had waited for us and spotted us after we had organised another…..some of the others felt bad so went with him, we stayed in the Limo that we hopped in with Mains….it was a Escalade with all the bells and whistles.

living the dream 259

A night cap back at our Casino and I say my goodbyes……Mains till next time, the rest for 2 days.

Michelle and her shoes (I’m still to try them!) got the better of Kirsten , Annie had tried them earlier. Kirsten adding to our nights entertainment with a fashion show of her trying to walk in them…so funny….oh and then Putty surprising his missus with a lovely single rose……It was Valentine’s day now!!!

living the dream 286

2am And I’m to bed… I have to be at the airport in 2.5 hours!!!!

LA to Las Vegas

LA to Vegas

living the dream 001

Quick as flight (40mins) 2 toilet stops later for the boys , we had utilised our stop over in LAX by visiting the bars, a pub crawl around the airport! No sooner were we up, we were down again.

living the dream 002

The poor flight attendant couldn’t understand me. Classic! Story of my life in USA!

He said’hold up!slow it up and start again”

Americans really do have trouble understanding our kiwi accents. Mine in particular! Maybe my combination, of North and south island? haha


Hellooooooo Las Vegas –

living the dream 025

The landscape between LA and Vegas reminds me of Central Otago, baron with snow-capped mountains.

living the dream 018

Its fresh, the boys nipples have never been so hard. They look slightly a miss in their shorts and jandals, although Phil is looking sharp in his black jeans and shoes.

We girls managed our 1st purchase apart from alcohol this trip (so far). Bart spotted the Pandora store in the airport. This is the one thing we all wanted and can only get in Vegas. A gold and diamond encrusted dice by Pandora for our charm bracelets. We tick that of the list before we’ve even really started!

That done and we head off in the direction of baggage claim, we walked and walked and then took a train, we were starting to wonder WTH we were going?

We pick up our bags, we had taken to long getting there, our bags had been taken off the carousel.

2 taxis Me Bart and Kirsten, Annie, Putty and Phil in the other and head into Sin city. Bart tried hoping in the drivers for a start , forgetting they are left hand drives (funny at the time) he then spent the next  10 mins in New York New York shitting himself lol , we had the worst taxi driver ever ,we still paid a tip, Bart said thanks, the driver replied Thanks don’t pay the bills, remember that!” . And so we haven’t , the worst thing about US is the tipping system…….Its a painful thing, never quite knowing when or when not to? Or how much is too much or not enough?

Swifty and Michelle were waiting to welcome us and soon after Mains (still in 7s mode from hanging out with the Irish)

living the dream 033


A few rounds of drinks at the bar and us all in awe of the Hotel we are staying in. really at this stage , we don’t need to leave, there is so much happening here!!

The outside looks like the New York Shyline and its surrounded with a huge Rollercoaster. Inside its built to look like parts of New York city. There are slot machines everywhere, and restaurants, shows and bars and OMG everything else ya can think of!!

living the dream 058


The boys attracted some crazy pimp daddy dude! We girls decide now its best to leave and get the boys away before he tempts them with something we don’t need.


Off we go….outside to “The Strip”

“wow” its night time by this stage and although its been one long day after leaving the day before, we get a new lease of energy albeit a short one.

The lights are overwhelming and we’re like Asian tourists with over use of our cameras all oooouhing and aaaarghing. Michelle and Swifty point different things out along the way in excitement as its their 2nd trip to Vegas and no all the good spots ( later found out its Mains 3 rd trip, but he just cruised with us and said even though he’s been before , with us it was different experience again)

We head up the strip a bit to Bubba Gumps-Yes!

“Shrimp” a restaurant full of Forrest Gump quotes and Memorabilia oh and did I mention shrimp? Every which way you can imagine having it, its on the menu.

living the dream 058

A few cocktails later lots of Shrimp and a shell cracker (courtesy of Putty –five finger disc-tutt tutt) we have a prize for the end of tour.

Lets see who deserves to win it by the end!

By this stage our pukus are full from so much booze and food.

Our eyes are all starting to close, close to 24 hours since leaving now, the bodies are letting us know. We head back to our hotel, deciding it would be rude not to have a nightcap. Coyote Ugly, yes, like the movie and yes not unlike the movie, there’s woman dancing on bars and doing shots straight from the bottle.

I haven’t got up on a bar since the eventful HongKong night. But it had to be done albeit a quicky dance and a shot….peer pressured by Annie and Kirsten!!

living the dream 082

A quick punt on the slots for the girls and Black Jack for the boys and we head to bed

Its been an awesome start to the holiday. Early start tomorrow, 6 am pick up for the Grand Cayon tour!

Auckland to LA

11 th Feb 2013

First leg of the trip……Dunedin to Chch..Champainge breakfast, how could we not? Bubbles all round and a few beers for the boys as well!

We boarded with a glow.

Kirsten stating “now no one is to sleep on this flight or it will buggar up our time clocks”

10mins in, even before service I look around and all 3 of my comrades’ are asleep!! LOL

A few more minutes in to the flight and Bart and Kirsten finish resting their eyes (so they say)..Phil on the other hand and true to form is fast asleep in deep slumber…drooling he is so relaxed. We  managed o get a few great pix.

Chch stop off, enough time for a few giggles and we manage to loose Bart, find again and then a quick drink before boarding aagain to Auckland.

Bart has carry on luggage, containing only 1 pair of socks and lot of underwear! He’s wearing jandals we are going to a dessert in the winter…..socks and Jandals lol …… Bart packed his own bags .

While on the plane ( Chch to Aklnd), I read an article, Parisian tips and weight formula.

(refer to my 2008 blog regarding my observation of the French and food) “the French eat and don’t get fat!

I did the formula and am pleasantly surprised, I’ m 3 kgs under at this stage of the trip! It’ll be interesting at the end! eeeeecck!

The formula if you are interests is

A>    How much did you weigh at 18 years old without dieting?

B>    How much di you weigh at your heaviest excluding pregnancy weight?

C>    How much did you weigh at your lightest after the age of 18, with or without dieting?

D>    What is your current weight?

E>     Add together your answers A and B and then divide by 2. The result is Y

F>     Add together your answers to question C and D and divide by2 , the result is Z

G>   Add Y and Z and then divide by 2

This is your ideal weight!

living the dream 005

Auckland and we meet up with Annie and Putty who have up sized their order, splashed out the bargain price to get a bed on the flight……. I’m not the only one looking for luxury!

2013-02-11 17.41.35

We have a few beverages watch the Aussie touch team do some crazy wrestling in the middle of the International departures and discuss all the 7 million things people have told us we all must do while in Vegas!!! If we even attempt it we would need 6 months there!! The plan at this stage is the Grand canyon and then we will just go with whatever….sounds good!!

living the dream 002

I board the flight and wave bye to the crew, as they give me shit ….I love it!! Haha

Seated by myself, but next to an American who has been visiting our beautiful country for the past 2 months. And another American who asked if he could take a photo of me as he saw me painfully trying to take a selfie hahaha …see  my pic compared to his .lol


More bubbles before take off…the crew walk past me and the American notices I must know them, either that or maybe he thinks I might be famous as they take photos going past haha.

Phil walks past and I hand him my goodie bag…socks, ear pluds, sleeping mask tooth brush n paste, lip balm etc all part of the amazing treatment in Premium Economy.

The leg room is amazing and I really do hop Phil has claimed what would have been my seat.

Warm damp face cloths are haandr out to refresh us.

We take off, dinner is served….. a delicious  menu of salmon, sour doe and olive oil to dip, then I chose Lamb, followed by dessert and the cheese and cracker…along with many more bubbles.

living the dream 010

I get up and stretch in between meals and wander down to the other (cattle class we had it suggested to us from our checkin) and there… the middle row is phil……what would have been me, Kirsten and Bart……like sardines…..poor Phil cant even get his table down on his knees. Why oh why he wouldn’t want an up grade is beyond me.. they are in good spirits and Annie and Putty are parked up with they’re extra seat ready to turn into a bed….. a bit of spooning and no doubt something else…..hahaha

So now its time to sleep the lights have been dimmed in the cabin… movies are being watched , people have already put thier eye shades on and sleeping…Next stop LA

Foot note# 2 hours out from LAX

When I popped down to see the others, Putty had taken over their bargin bed..poor Annie and been pushed out to another seat. Kirsten didn’t know if she’d slept or not. Phil hadn’t had much, Bart just always has a smile J

Had the best service on board NZ 6, the flight wasn’t full and the lovely steward invited me to my own set of seats and made it up like a bed for me….I said ‘’ ooouh special attention”” he replied of course! Because its you!

The Itinerary


Living the Dream

11 Feb 2013

Auckland –LA-Las Vegas

Staying at New York New York

14 Feb

Kids leave NZ to LA

14 FEB (US time)

I leave everyone in Vegas and fly back to LAX to meet kids, we have a night in Santa Monica

15th Feb

We leave LAX everyone leaves Vegas and we all meet ay Fort Laurderdale, staying at Hollywood Beach.

16th Feb

We board our Caribbean Cruise ’Oasis of the Seas’

18th Feb Haiti

20th Jamaica

22nd Cozumel

23rd Fort Lauderdale

We say farewell to our mates, and hop on a bus for a road trip to Orlando (6 hours) we have 4 days there before we fly direct home via Dallas, LAX and then arriving in Auckland on the 1st March.

Its gunna be full on! But fabulous! 

Anxious and excited all at once!

I’m getting ready……will I ever be ready? 1 more sleep! Unbelievable! Its surreal when you’ve been planning and looking forward to something so long…… and it’s only 1 more sleep!

Tomorrow I leave the kids to fend for themselves  for 3 days before I meet them in LA after they leave from Dunedin on Thursday. I will have had 3 nights in Vegas by then.

I’ve had several lists all a mile long (no exaggeration, oh well maybe a little) it’s at this point when I actually realise how much I usually fit into 20 days! These lists have made all my excitement at times turn to anxious feelings and my head spin on my shoulders. I’ve got to the point where I can’t do anymore……except for a curve ball thrown in at me on late Friday arvo, didn’t impress me but oh well…..I can sort tomorrow between Dunedin, Chch and Auckland I’m sure.

Tonight I’m amazingly relaxed….

Not so the rest of the week! I’ve had sleepless nights…’s been forever I’ve wanted to get to Jamaica, Although the rest of the trip will be amazing…Jamaica is for my soul.

I’ve tried to lose weight, so I look ok next to my GFs ,the beach babe in particular, to no avail haha..Something to do with my social life and lack of enthusiasm for exercise I think 😉

However a couple of new swimwear outfits later….and nothing a few glasses of champagne won’t fix. I’m gunna be 40 soon who gives a folk hahahaha Forty and fabulous on the inside anyway! 😉

I had an email 2 days ago, I’d been waiting for it for days. Air NZ has a one up offer, for an opportunity to use your airpoints for an up- grade. I decided to try it out….

They let you know 7-3 days out from your flight. I’d been checking that email every morning first thing. I got this email through mid morning, I screamed with excitement and I hadn’t even opened it!

Andy my colleague wondered What the flip!?

I sat there not wanting to open it incase my offer hadn’t been accepted, my emotions were fizzing (really who gets this excited about stuff like this? OTT though I’m quite an excitable kind a girl) , but I knew I’d be gutted if I missed out.

Andy egged me on, I opened it finally and to my delight……..I saw the word Congratulations first and knew I had it!

My excitement poured out of  me and my delight all to much for Andy who wasn’t used to seeing his boss act like she’s just won the world, not an upgrade to premium economy…its not even business class, but its still good all the same.

2013-02-07 11.48.29

(a view of premium economy)

It was the icing on the cake to what is going to be an amazing adventure with some good mates and my family…….Starting tomorrow!

I will post a brief Itinerary if you’re interested in reading more….

50 shades of grey and more…….

My closet? Really? A blog about my closet, it was suggested by a fellow tweeter that a few of us participate. Never one to turn down an invitation, I wondered where to begin?

Being in the rag trade, my wardrobe is as you would expect.

Full to overflowing, even after my regular clean outs there still doesn’t seem to be any more room! My Friends are the benefactors.

I have rules!

If I buy a pair of shoes I need to get rid of a pair. I also buy the majority of my clothes from my store.

2013-01-19 14.53.35

Its very rarely that you will ever catch me wearing something purchased elsewhere. Nothing worse then when someone admires what you are wearing and then proceeds to ask where you got it from, and I can’t reply Carvin Streetwear!

I’m my stores best customer or so you would think but I’m actually 4th on the list! Yes, I pay for my clothes (another rule I have) it makes sense to me, because if I wasn’t buying them there I’d be buying them somewhere, it is also a deterrent to me, stops being to over indulgent and makes me think, do I need it for a split second haha. So as you peer at the photos of my wardrobe I can pretty much guarantee 85-90% of my wardrobes contents are from Carvin Streetwear including shoes and accessories.



My clothes are in colour and style order. Jackets and Cardis on the bottom, dresses, shirts and tunics on top. Long Jackets and long dresses (maxi and cocktail) are together on another rack.

Uniform black plastic hangers,that used to be wooden but they were replaced so I could fit more in. The wooden ones now only reside in my husbands wardrobe. Yes we have his and hers wardrobes…he has as many clothes as me!

2013-02-03 18.27.56

My jeans and pants are folded, along with jumpers.I fold tee’s and tops, shorts and sports wear all into their own cubbyholes.

My drawers contain socks,hankerchifs and underwear all matching.

My numerous swimwear and sarongs also have their own cubbyhole.

What does that make me? Organised or OTT (Over the top)

Some things just never date or you love so much ya just can’t biff…….

My fav piece of clothing would have to be my faded light blue denim jacket, it goes well with most things and can make an outfit that is to flash for an occasion, a more casual and comfortable outfit. I’m a casual kinda girl, with my style in a tidy way.

My most admired and oldest piece in my wardrobe is a vintage camel haired jacket. Nz made way back when, with genuine  camel hair made in England. ( I think its about 60-70 years old)

2013-02-06 09.35.17

I inherited from an Aunty Paul (she’s 90 now) when we shifted south, she gave it to and said “here dear, wear this when your in the shed,it’ll keep you warm” .

I wouldn’t have dreamed of ever wearing it in the cowshed, I fell in love with it as soon as she pulled it out. My colour!  The perfect cut and length. They don’t’ make coats like this any more.


Fifty shades of grey….and black….and brown….and blue, but my favourite colour this season has been orange!

2013-02-06 12.29.43

3 Teens In The House

2013-02-02 08.03.28

(Zane this morning straight outa bed to open some presents)

My baby has turned 13!  He arrived 2.2.2000

I remember having babies and some days just wishing they’d grow up. Always in a hurry for their next milestones.

Well it’s happened and all to fast!

Oh how easy, looking back now,it is when they’re young.  They love you unconditionally,listen intently and apart from saving them from a hot fire place, a few trips to and overnighters to hospitals, and a couple of broken bones,its been a breeze.

25123_1306163452864_1702807_n - Copy

Now the hard part! Teen years.

This is where a kid can get made or be broken. It’s dependant on their teachers, family, surrounds and their belief in themselves. And as a parent of course making sure if they get into mischief, you know about it,but they don’t necessarily need to know you know.  I’m a firm believer you need to try some things to learn (note the some not all) from your mistakes. As they did as toddlers, exploring and learning as they go.

So now I have Miss 17,Mr 15 and  Mr 12 who has become Mr 13………..

My job as a parent is to guide them,help them adjust,experiment life and make them realise their dreams are worth going after.

Closing my eyes and making a birthday wish………….

2011-11-23 02.49.52